moving on

i stopped to get a pack of cigarettes
just before work
i froze
the paper said you’d gone awol
where are you

i tried calling you some months ago
right after dad came to visit
you said you didn’t want to see me
you didn’t want anyone to see you like this

i tried calling you tonight
no answer
i only wanted to tell you
that i don’t hate you anymore and
i never really did

you were right
i was naive and i was always better than i thought i was
though did i have the stomach to become successful? no, i did not
did i have the looks? nope. sure i was witty, so what.
nobody loves a whiner

tough love, g
the kind that kids don’t appreciate

you were like a god to me
cruel and unloving that is

pick up the phone maybe?

there’s not much time left


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